Injection, An UOAssist Open Source Clone

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What is it?

Injection attempts to provide many of the features of the widely used UOAssist program. Unlike UOAssist, Injection is free software and it is designed for use with emulators, and will not work on official OSI servers. It can run standalone or as  an Ignition plugin.

How do I get it?

Injection may be downloaded from the SourceForge project releases page . The module named 'injection-binary' contains everything that normal players will need, and the 'injection' module contains the source code.

Last versions of Yoko-Injection modification located on site: (Mirror) (Main site, slow)

You can browse the source code through CVS here .

What are its requirements?

First you need the Ultima Online client, which you must buy from a store.

The documentation explains the requirements more fully.
(Comment by Yoko: documentation above very old. You may expect more documentation here)

How do I use it?

The documentation attempts to explain how to install and use Injection.  See the changelog.txt for latest changes and additions not yet documented. (Look also here)

Please report bugs using the bug tracker and request features here .
(It will be faster if you use Requests forum here)

You can ask questions and discuss Injection on the forums or new forum .


Yoko links:

Other tools for Ultima Online:

  • Ignition : A run-time memory patcher for Win32 systems, and a tool to remove encryption from the UO client.
  • Ultima Online Project : A free cross-platform Ultima Online client.
  • UOGateway : A client launcher to easily connect to emulator servers around the world.

Major Ultima Online emulators:

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